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Moving to New Zealand | Premium Worldwide Movers 

NZ Van Lines is New Zealand’s leading moving and storage company, and one of the world’s most trusted and respected brands in worldwide moving today.

Founded in 1986, we grew from humble beginnings to become a household name in the relocations industry. New Zealand Van Lines is the preferred mover to many government departments, some of New Zealand’s biggest corporates, and thousands of Kiwi families, who move annually, along with 35 years as the official transport company to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) and the Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB).

Annually, we partner with our global affiliates to manage and control over 3,000 outbound removals and 5,500 shipments of household goods, into New Zealand. You can trust us to take care of your packing, shipping, storage, insurance and other moving needs.

Whether you are permanently migrating, a returning kiwi or relocating to New Zealand for work, we understand what you are going through and are here to help.

Fast Facts About NZ Van Lines 

We aren’t just saying we’re New Zealand’s biggest and best moving company, here are some fast facts to reassure you that we have the credentials to back it up: 

Annually, we manage the moving and delivery of over 5,500 international inbound customers and their shipments, from all corners of the globe, into New Zealand. 

We are a values-based organisation. We embrace the values of Aotearoa, the country we represent; a tolerant, diverse, inclusive, and welcoming society. 

Our people are hired for ‘customer success’, based upon the best fit for the job. Before taking up employment, every new hire is formally vetted by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and approved by the NZ Police. 

NZ Van Lines operate a nationwide network from the Far North to the Deep South. Over 350 staff and 200 specialised furniture vehicles are based in 14 branches, with 20,000m2 of storage capacity. 

Our branches nationwide are secure, customs bonded and MPI approved transitional facilities. We do not out-source these tasks, we are with you, very step of the way. 

In addition to the packing, moving, clearance and delivery of household goods we also provide marine insurance cover, motor vehicle relocations, pet moving, orientations, home finding services and lots more. 

International Affiliations 

NZ Van Lines and the majority of our overseas service partners are affiliated to the FIDI global alliance. To protect our customers, all affiliates subscribe to mandatory data protection, anti – bribery and anti- corruption charters, ensuring a common (global) risk management standard. 

FIDI members work to FAIM, a global standard for managing and performing international moving services. There are over two hundred quality requirements relating to operations, customer service and financial stability. If companies do not meet the standard, they are terminated from FIDI. After our last external FAIM audit, NZ Van Lines scored in the top 5% of affiliates, worldwide 

We also belong to OMNI, a UK based network of the world’s finest corporate, embassy and government relocation companies. The OMNI ‘agent to agent network’ represents moving companies who have demonstrated the excellence of their service, their market influence, their financial security, and their talent for innovation. 

NZ Van Lines and our OMNI partners are all vetted for financial security and supply chain confidence by the New York based Dow jones Risk and Compliance Service. This is to ensure the ’end to end’ delivery of international moving services isn’t disrupted by corruption, financial instability or third-party issues within global shipping and airline networks. NZ Van Lines actively utilise this service to monitor incidents and mitigate risks that could potentially affect our corporate and private customers. 

new zealand's no.1 moving company

Thank you for taking to time to learn more about New Zealand Van Lines and why we are considered one of the world’s most respected moving companies.

We know that international moving is not an easy undertaking, these are difficult times. Be assured that when you choose NZ Van Lines to manage your relocation some of the world’s best moving companies and risk management protocols will be in place to enable a smooth, stress-free relocation experience.