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Why Choose NZ Van  Lines?

New Zealand boasts one of the world’s most envied lifestyles. We are a developed, well- connected country where career opportunities abound. However, what Kiwi’s value most is our belief that life is for living. We love putting aside time for families and friends, recreation and enjoying the wide-open spaces our country has to offer. 

Shipping Container

Shipment of Your Household Goods to New Zealand 

Once you’ve made the decision to move here, you’re on the journey of a lifetime. There is a lot of planning and decision making involved, particularly if you are moving with your family. 

One of the biggest decisions to make is who you will choose to manage the relocation of your household goods and personal effects.

Movers and Packers NZ Van Lines

Why choose us!

By now you will know a little more about us and have a good understanding of what we’re about. Annually, we partner with our global affiliates to manage and control over 3,000 outbound and 5,500 shipments of household goods, into New Zealand. 

You can trust us to take care of your storage, insurance and moving needs so you can focus on other priorities. If you’re not already convinced here are some compelling reasons why you should choose NZ Van Lines as your moving partner. Learn more

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We Deliver Value For Money 

When you get a quotation from NZ Van Lines you will have the benefit of our experience working for you, rather than in a traditional sales situation. 

We have a number of shipping options available including your own sole use container or our popular groupage ‘shared container’ service. These are often used for smaller volumes or to keep the costs down by just paying for the space you use. For items you can’t live without we have air freight shipments, the quickest method of international transportation. 

We are effectively using our knowledge to choose the right origin service provider and then negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Our objective is to source the best possible value with the least possible risk of delays, additional charges, or unforeseen costs. 

Premium Worldwide Movers 

NZ Van Lines is one of the world’s most respected moving companies. We are the preferred mover to private citizens, corporates, and many government entities, through an exclusive ‘all of government’ contract for residential relocation services and storage. 

We belong to the two most prestigious global agent networks, FIDI and OMNI. NZ Van Lines were ranked in the Top 5% (worldwide) when externally audited by FAIM, the global standard for international moving. 

There are significant risks associated with moving internationally. We receive daily updates on global supply chain issues to ensure we understand political instability, and the financial stability of international shipping, removal, and logistics providers. NZ Van Lines and our global affiliates subscribe to strict GDPR (EU) data protection and privacy standards. These relate to how businesses handle, store and manage the personal information of individuals who interact with them. 

The benefits of  choosing NZ Van  Lines  include:

  • Once we understand your needs, we will source a quotation from one (or more) of our global affiliates. We can either arrange a physical survey to take place in your home or arrange an online contactless WIFI survey. For this option all you need is a smartphone or tablet.

  • If you prefer us to broker multiple quotations (usually 2-3) we still manage the process and present you with the final proposals. Once you decide on the best option, we will make the booking and manage everything from that point. All quotations are prepared in New Zealand dollars.

  • Booking with NZ Van lines offers several payment options to suit your circumstances and relocation timing for your door to door move. Payment can be made locally to us in NZ dollars if funds are already in New Zealand, directly in USD to our account, or via our partners at XE.

  • We can offer a full range of insurance options through our New Zealand marine policy. Your policy will be converted to local currency and in the unlikely event of a claim or issue, these will be facilitated at destination by our Insurance Manager.

  • If you are splitting the removals invoice with an employer or working within a lump sum allowance, we can invoice separately (by arrangement). This ensures there is no obligation for either your or your employer to pay in full and then seek reimbursement from the other. 

  • Our quotations will not be estimates, they are firm and based upon the inventory you have identified. We include all standard MPI and NZ Customs inspection and clearance fees. There will be no hidden costs for all standard services.

  • We can provide additional costings for moving your motor vehicle, storing your shipment, relocating your pets, orientation, school search, home search, sourcing apartment style accommodation and rental furniture. 

Our Resources and  Infrastructure 

From the moment you contact us for a quotation right through to the clearance and delivery of your effects (at destination), we have the NZ Van Lines team working on your behalf. 

With a network of 13 branches from the top of the North Island to the Deep South your household goods will never be in the hands of a 3rd party. For peace of mind NZ Van Lines are the only kiwi moving company requiring all staff to be vetted and approved by the New Zealand Police, prior to taking up an employment offer. 

When your household goods are under our management you will only need to deal with NZ Van Lines. Once they are on the water (or in the air) we will be providing regular updates, every step of the way. Upon their arrival in New Zealand all clearances will be coordinated and managed by our licensed in-house team. In the port cities, our warehouses are all customs bonded and MPI approved transitional facilities. 

NZ Van Lines will deliver, unpack, and ensure everything is placed and/or set up in the right rooms. Once you’ve signed off the delivery, we take away all debris and used packing materials. 

In the unlikely event of an insurance issue or claim there is no need to go looking for insurance agents back in your country of origin. Our specialist marine insurance cover is managed in house. All you need to do is contact us and the insurance team will facilitate the best outcome, as quickly as possible. 

Our People & Our Passion 

Our people are experts in their field and passionate about what they do. They understand that customers expect a high level of functionality. By putting customers at the heart of our business we embrace the dual responsibility of both getting the logistics right, while also delivering a personalised, bespoke moving experience. 

To ensure we can our words into practice we have adopted a set of organisational values that guide how we interact with people, both within and outside our business. These values are based upon the qualities of the country we represent: a tolerant, diverse, inclusive, and welcoming society. 

The pillars that underpin our values and give them ‘life’ in our customer interactions are: 

Hiring for customer success. 

Customers must trust us to invite us into their homes and handle their possessions and personal information. For customer facing roles we not only hire the best fit but also screen employees through the NZ Police, prior to and during their employment with NZ Van Lines. 

Put relationships first. 

Customers are not numbers to be processed on a production line. Moving is an anxious time, we take the time to understand each customer’s needs, adjust our communication style and approach accordingly. 

Connecting our values to customer outcomes. 

Having our values linked to successful outcomes is imperative to achieving customer success. Strategies to ensure agile responses to delays and customer issues, reducing wait times, communicating by text, video, or phone instead of email are all designed to enhance the customer experience. 

Taking feedback and learnings directly from customers. 

This is essential to a culture of continuous improvement. Internal and external feedback signals real time trends, process improvements and training opportunities. 

Thank you for taking to understand what NZ Van Lines have to offer, with respect to the relocation of your household goods and personal effects to New Zealand. We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service.