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Professional Packing Services

Our professional packers are experts who use specialist packaging techniques and materials to ensure that your possessions are protected.

The successful result of every move usually depends on how professionally the goods have been packed in the first place. Our highly-trained staff of packers are efficient when it comes to wrapping and securing customers’ belongings – the journey to their new home won’t prove to be fatal if you let us handle the task.

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Benefits of Professional Packing

Letting the professional packers handle this job for you is not only quicker and more efficient, but it also saves a significant amount of time. 

It also reduces the risk of breakages and damage, since the professional packing involves using special equipment and techniques for international moves.

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Expert Packers

When it comes to packing, NZ Van Lines employs only the most experienced and well-trained staff to handle this process. These expert packers have been trained in all the modern industry techniques and are capable of protecting your belongings in the best possible way. 

Our workers are masters of their craft and packing is their art.

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Specialist Packaging Materials

To ensure the proper protection of our client’s possessions, we use only the best packing materials currently available. Most of the materials we use for packaging are recyclable – sustainability is one of our key considerations. 

We offer a wide selection of specialty cardboard cartons that provide maximum protection for your belongings.

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