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Xe Money Transfer Currency Exchange Made Easy

When moving to a different country an important thing to consider is sending your money overseas. Founded in 1993, the XE Money Exchange is now one of the world’s leading currency authorities. Providing benefits such as highly competitive exchange rates, secure money transfers, and 24/7 secure online platform, it is one of the world’s most trusted currency authority. New Zealand Van Lines recommend our customers to use this service to move their money internationally to New Zealand – better foreign exchange rates are guaranteed.

Xe offers a wide variety of flexible features to ensure straightforward and fast international money transfers. It allows the user to convert from more than 20 popular currencies into 50 other world currencies, with no fees on its transactions.

How much does it cost?

As we said, the service does not charge any commissions or fees when it comes to international money transfers. The company turns a profit on the spread – this would be the difference between the price that it actually costs the company to perform a particular trade and the price the user receives for a transaction.

However, outgoing wire transfers do come with a fee, but this is typically a lot lower than what most banks charge for such transactions. There’s also the possibility of third-party charges in some rare cases, like the fees from various financial institutions for accepting wire transfers.


A user can send a currency transfer from their bank account by one of the following methods:

  • Wire transfer
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)

The person you’re sending money to doesn’t need to have an XE account – the funds will be safely deposited into their bank account. XE also allows its users to enter bids for exchange rates they would like to receive.


An excellent, personalised service

As soon as we registered with Xe we were contacted by an advisor, Michael Brown who talked us through the whole process. He made everything very easy, even though we are now based in the UK and there is an 11 hour time difference.
Michael was very re-assuring and explained things very clearly. A couple of days after our funds had cleared in the Xe NZ account we had the money in our UK accou

Xe also has a reliable update system that confirms deposits and payments every step of the way.


I just love Xe!

“I have used XE for the last 17 years and I could not function without them. As a retiree, this is the only safe and reasonable way to get money transferred from Canada to here, New Zealand. Forget the banks to do this!

Small people like me, are so well taken care of with XE. No kidding

Registration and Transfer Process

Making an XE account is very simple and completely free. If you have your identification on hand, the entire process won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Here’s how to do it:

2. Click on "Get Started"

3. Create an account

You'll have to provide your email address and country of residence.

4. Provide further details

Your occupation, Social Security number, phone number, date of birth, and address.

5. Provide documentation

Upload your chosen piece of identification.


You'll have to wait a while to have your account approved.

Setting up a transfer is as equally easy. One only has to provide the payment details and the amount of money he wishes to send, its currency, and who would you like to receive it. That’s it! The processing time, on the other hand, varies on the transfer method and the location of the person you’re sending the funds to.

Why Use XE Money?

The benefits of using XE International Currency Exchange are: secure and easy transfers, great exchange rates, 24/7 online fast access, live tracking and notifications and flexible delivery and payment options. To see live foreign currency exchange rates click here to view XE’s Currency Converter. 

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For competitive and affordable solutions for sending cash overseas to New Zealand set-up an account with XE.