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Yes, you can. However, it is important to note that you’ll have to check with NZTA first. Not all vehicles can be imported – some require special permits and some need to meet special requirements, such as the type and the age of the vehicle.

The possessions that you want to import must have been owned and used overseas prior to import. Goods sent as a gift, on the other hand, can be admitted free of duty if their value is not higher than NZ$110.

It is possible to import alcohol to New Zealand. The person who wants to do so need to declare what he’s importing. Any alcoholic beverages need to be accompanied by a completed Alcohol Inventory and are potentially subjects to duty and GST (Goods and Services Tax). 

Yes, you can – we provide secure Customs bonded warehouses. These are particularly helpful to those who need to take some time to find a new home in New Zealand. Our warehouses have a 24/7 security monitoring and cater to both short-term and long-term storage requirements.

You can, but we strongly advise you to let us handle this. When it comes to packing the belongings of our clients, we employ the best techniques and use only the best materials available. Our packing team is highly-trained in this and can handle the job for you.

Importing goods free of duty and tax is possible, but the person importing them has to meet specific requirements. He or she needs to have owned and used these goods, possess a New Zealand or Australian passport, and to have lived outside of NZ for more than 21 months.

Unfortunately not as all shipments entering New Zealand need to go via an MPI approved transitional facility for unloading and final clearances including sole use containers, therefore shipments will not be delivered direct to residence in the shipping container. 

Due to New Zealand’s stern Quarantine service, there’s quite a high possibility for this to happen. This can be an expensive exercise, so we advise you to try to avoid this by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle’s interior and exterior.