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Welcome To New Zealand

Our little patch of paradise is one of the best places in the world to work and live. As one of the first countries to see the sun each day, we have a bit of extra time to give you a warm welcome. Kia Ora and Welcome to New Zealand. 

Auckland City

Returning Kiwis

In 2020 the Kea Welcome Home Survey identified that 45% of respondents (living offshore) intended to return to Aotearoa within the next two years. 

Kiwi Slang NZ

Kiwi Slang

While you might speak English there are plenty of kiwi slang terms to get used to. Read a selection of kiwi expressions that are in common use

Maori Art

The Māori Language

Te Reo Māori is the native tongue of Māori New Zealanders. As a proud Kiwi owned company our values reflect those of Āotearoa New Zealand, the country we represent – a tolerant, diverse, inclusive and welcoming society