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There’s No Place Like Home! 

In 2020 the Kea Welcome Home Survey identified that 45% of respondents (living offshore) intended to return to Aotearoa within the next two years. More significantly 75% of these indicated they were returning home on a permanent basis. With over one million kiwis living offshore this reversal of traditional migration patterns equates to a significant ‘brain gain,’ for the first time in our country’s history. 

At New Zealand Van Lines it has been our privilege to arrange and manage the relocation needs of thousands of kiwi returnee’s. This has not been easy as the covid environment is both challenging and unpredictable. The only positive to come out of this global pandemic is the high number of kiwis returning home at the height of their careers, with the experience and skillsets that Aotearoa desperately needs. 

Moving Back to New Zealand

Looking for moving companies for your return back down under? For those of you who are either considering a move home to New Zealand, or in the planning process, be
 rest assured that we will support you every step of the way.

It doesn’t matter if you have just a few items or several containers, your vehicle, and the family dog and / or cat. We welcome your relocation enquiry and will make the entire process as seamless and easy as possible. Best of all we will be waiting in your home country, for when you arrive.

Tips For Kiwis Before You Return Home to NZ

Whether you are planning to return home for family reasons, business reasons or have missed the kiwi lifestyle here are some moving tips that might help: 

  • With three government departments involved, there is plenty of red tape surrounding the packing and moving of household goods and personal effects. While NZ Van Lines will give you all the information you need, there are publications we would recommend you to read: FIDI Import Custom Guide and MPI’s Guide on Moving to NZ – What you need to know.
  • We suggest you join an organisation that will connect you to specific resources, relatable stories, and articles from those who have recently made the return journey. Our recommendation is kea who also have a job portal that connects returnees to prospective employers.
  • While overseas it pays to stay in touch with your kiwi family, friends, and previous work colleagues. It’s well known that returnees can experience challenges adjusting back to their old lives, after being abroad. By maintaining your social networks (back in NZ) any issues with re-integration will be minimised when it’s time to come home.
  • If you are not 100% sure about moving home, we suggest you come back for a short-term trial run, to get an accurate picture of current New Zealand life. At the time of writing there are issues around NZ quarantine regulations that may prevent this from happening.
  • Keep a close eye on the housing prices, housing availability, the cost of living and the news. This will reduce the possibility of culture shock when you get home.
  • Be strategic about the best time to give notice at your offshore workplace. If you have a career job do not broadcast your long-term plans. For example, you may be in line for a significant promotion that would never be on the table if your plans were widely known.
  • If you are completing an overseas posting and returning to the same company it is advisable to commence contact with your future Manager or the Human Resources team, at least six months prior to returning. Get clarity about their plans for you. Let them know what you have achieved during your posting, your strengths and the new insights and knowledge you have gained while overseas. You may need to accept that a change is necessary, if this is the case, it’s better to identify it before you get back.
  • If you need employment back home start checking out the opportunities nice and early. Take the time to contact prospective employers direct, and alert them of your experience, skills, and intentions. You could save them a substantial agency fee. Use networks like LinkedIn to research the market and build relationships. 
  • When you are planning your moving needs, it pays to start early by contacting us for an obligation free consultation and quote. Remember, it may take several months for your ‘end to end’ relocation so be organised well before your proposed departure date. 

We hope this information has been useful and look forward to providing you with an obligation free quotation when you make the decision to move home. Be assured that our people are experts in their field and passionate about what we do.

All the best for the future and thank you for considering NZ Van Lines as your moving company. 


Why Kiwis Return: The Allure of Repatriation to New Zealand

Life can take us on many adventures, but the pull of home remains strong for Kiwis living abroad. Whether it’s the sweet nostalgia of childhood memories or the desire to reconnect with one’s roots, New Zealand has a unique charm that’s impossible to resist.